Helga: She Wolf of Spilberg

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Helga: She Wolf of Spilberg (1977, France) is a Shock film directed by Patrice Rhomm.

Helga She Wolf of Spilberg

Main Details

  • Released in 1977
  • Color
  • Running Time: 93 Min.
  • Production Co: Eurocine & Les Films Du Saphir
  • Directed by Patrice Rhomm (as Alain Garnier)
  • Written by H. L. Rostane
  • Starring: Malisa Longo, Patrizia Gori, Claude Joanna, Dominique Aveline, Alban Ceray, Jacques Marbeuf, Richard Lemieuvre
  • Produced by Richard Bigotini & Daniel Lesoeur
  • Music by Daniel White
  • Cinematography by Alain Hardy
  • Film Editing by Claude Gros

Also Known As

  • Helga, She Wolf Of Stilberg
  • Helga, La Louve De Stilberg
  • La Calda Bestia Di Spilberg
  • The She Wolf Of Spilberg
  • Girl Slaves
  • Helga, The Leather Mistress
  • Camp Pour Femmes
  • Bloody Camp
  • Confessions Of The Sex Slaves
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