Hard Ticket To Hawaii/Soundtrack

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Original music by Gary Stockdale and Kevin Klingler

TRACK LISTING A1.Sunset A2.String Em Up A3.Scenery A4.Main Title Hard Ticket To Hawaii A5.Morning Shower A6.Snake A7.Song Hard Ticket To Hawaii A8.Killer A9.Chang A10.Getaway A11.Duel In The Sun A12.Cutting The Lines A13.Ice A14.Love On The Beach A15.Skates A16.Skates Shooting A17.Michelle or Michael 1:11 A18.Captured A19.What Sumo A20.Travelin A21.Snake Shots A22.Right On A23.Bad Guys House A24.Rosie A25.With A Kiss B1.Rowdy Love B2.Seth and Chang B3.Getting Loaded B4.Frisbee Too B5.Frisbee B6.Rowdeys Raiders B7.Stormin The Fort B8.Lifes A Bitch B9.Then You Die B10.Explosion B11.Job Well Done B12.We Forgot Seth B13.Seth Returns B14.Seth Also Rises B15.Seth Tries Again B16.Bathroom Break B17.Seth Croaks B18.Snake Bites B19.Limo Party B20.Visit To Chang B21.Chang Bang B22.True Love B23.On The Express B24.Song Hard Ticket

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