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  • First collaboration between writer/director Andy Sidaris and actor Rodrigo Obregón, who would appear in almost every one of Mr. Sidaris' subsequent films.
  • The yacht of the villain, Mr. Chang, belonged to Glen A. Larson in real life.
  • There is a scene where a poster of Malibu Express (1985) is shown in a wall. The movie is a reference to Andy Sidaris' previous movie.
  • Initial flight scene filmed at Honolulu International Airport, small craft runway, on Oahu. Shortly after the plane takes off and the camera pans the background following the plane, and stops with a large pink building seen in the background. This is Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC), the headquarters of the Pacific Regional Medical Command of the armed forces administered by the United States Army in the state of Hawaii. TAMC is the largest military hospital in the Asian and Pacific rim region. The hospital was founded in 1907, but the current building was commissioned in 1942 during the beginning of the US involvement in WWII. It was completed in 1948, and is located on the slopes of Moanalua Ridge overlooking the Honolulu neighborhoods of Moanalua and Salt Lake. It's massive coral pink structure can be seen from any point in the Honolulu District.
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