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  • Titanosaurus was originally supposed to be two smaller creatures called the Titans which would fuse together into Titanosaurus.
  • This, the 15th Godzilla film, was the last Godzilla film in the original series (and the last for 9 years), due to the Energy Crisis (Oil Shock) of the 70s, which had affected film and TV productions. After almost a decade of failed film proposals by Toho to revive the character, the next film, Gojira (1984), was the first of a new series of films (called the "Versus Series" in Japan, or, alternatively, the "Heisei Series"), which returned Godzilla to his destructive roots.
  • This is not only the last Godzilla film directed by Ishirô Honda, it also marks the last time Godzilla is portrayed as a hero.
  • This was Akihiko Hirata's final appearance in the series. However, he was scheduled to appear in first film in the Versus/Heisei series, but died from cancer just before production began.
  • The original U.S. release was quite faithful to the original Japanese version. Broadcasters requested that the film be edited due to scenes involving the suicide of a character. This was at a time when there were a rash of teen suicides in the United States. Broadcasters began requesting that story elements involving suicide be removed from motion pictures, television programs and even cartoons.
  • One of the only Godzilla films with nudity. The scene occurs when Katsura is being operated on, at which point Katsura's breasts are exposed (although the body is actually a mannequin). This scene was cut from the US, both the theatrical and TV, version of the film.
  • Final role of character Ikio Sawamura. He died shortly before the film's release.
  • This was Kenji Sahara's last appearance in the series until 'Gojira VS Mekagojira' 1993.
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