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A van transporting a group of Sukeban ("Delinquents" for the non-informed) is on it's way to the delinquent center. Inside the van, self-proclaimed loner, Komasa Kanto (Miki Sugimoto) greets herself to Maya (Reiko Ike) the gang-leader of the Umeda Gakurankai. A sabotage has been planned to break out one of the other girl-gang leaders inside the van by way of a road block. This leaves all the other convicts with the chance to break free as well. Kanto then forms a clique with three of the other escaped fugitives who declare themselves as "The Gypsies of Osaka". The Gypsies have to start from the bottom of the barrel in the big city. Starting with pickpocketing,conning, and having to feud with the Umeda Gakurankai, who's leader, Maya, is still nowhere yet to be seen. But all the girl gangs in the city are dwarfed by the untouchable, and predominately-male, Hokuryaki clan. One of the soldiers of the Hokuryaki is Tetsuo (Hiroshi Miyauchi) who's girlfriend is Maya. It appears that Tetsuo is in dire need of having to repay for the difficulties caused to his leader, who Maya had left half-paralyzed after an attack. But It's Kanto who Tetsuo runs into. He saves her from being tortured from the Hokuryaki after they caught her trying to steal from the clan. A love between the two begins to blossom, but Maya finally happens to show up just in time for the love triangle to begin....


Even though this was near the end of the "Girl Boss" series and the last of the franchise to be filmed by Norifumi Suzuki, for some reason, this installment actually feels like it's one of the first. Both the themes and content of the series feels like it's new and unexplored for the most part. So (Compared to the wild and chaotic attitudes of the previous entries) it's obvious that Suzuki and the screenwriters had taken their foot off the gas pedal when working on this one. Things are slowed down and taken slightly serious this time around. And much in the same vein as Delinquent Girl Boss: Worthless To Confess, this is a similar film which composes itself and takes it's time in trying to build itself up to a blazing finale. Though DGBWTC had a much more eye-pleasing climax, the girls of Girl Boss: Revenge indeed get their revenge. And what would Pinky Violence be without it!? Worth checking out if in you're in the mood to see some subdued Pinky Violence....With a dash of roman porno-torture.

Reviewed by Laydback

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