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  • In the original concept King Ghidorah's wings were rainbow colored. Also, the creature was to breath fire from it's three heads. In the final concept they emit gravity rays.
  • Director Ishirô Honda originally wanted Yoshio Tsuchiya for the role of Malness. But he was unavailable due to his commitment to the Akira Kurosawa film Akahige (1965).
  • Toho did not reveal to the public that Godzilla was played by a person in a costume until this film was released because the people who worked in the Japanese film industry in the 1950s and early 1960s tried to keep their techniques as secret as possible. The purpose was to create a mythical atmosphere, surrounding the industry. No one would be allowed to visit the set.
  • This is the only film in which Ghidorah is not controlled by aliens.
  • This was the first movie to feature King Ghidorah, who would later go on to be Toho's main villain monster, fighting both Godzilla and Mothra as well as making appearances on Japanese television.
  • Cameo(Frankie Sakai): Man addressing the Diet.
  • Because of its commercial success from King Kong vs. Godzilla, Toho decided to release another Godzilla film in 1964, Ghidrah, the Three Headed Monster. The Mosugoji suit, though, needed to go through some repairs. During the filming of Godzilla vs. Mothra, the mouth had become wobbly and would not work properly. The head had also caught on fire, which didn't help the suit much. So the head of the Mosugoji suit was replaced by a more sturdier design. "Mosugoji II," as some fans refer to the repaired suit as, also had more mobility than the original Mosugoji.
  • When Godzilla first rises from the ocean, the costume appears to be the complete suit used in the prior film (Godzilla vs Mothra) which features a longer and more reptilian looking head. This does not match the head used for the monster throughout the rest of the film. Toho commonly used older versions of their monster suits when filming scenes that take place in water, in order to avoid wear and tear on the new featured costume.
  • In this sequel to "Mosura tai Gojira" (1964) Hiroshi Koisumi returns as Professor Miura. Yuriko Hoshi also returns as the female lead but she plays Naoko, a different character than she played in the previous film.
  • This is the final film to feature the Ito Sisters (aka the Peanuts) as Mothra's twin priestesses.
  • Godzilla never uses his radioactive breath on Ghidorah in this film, only Rodan
  • The leader of the assassins, never takes his sunglasses off once through the whole movie.
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