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Some years after World War 2... Lise Cohen (Daniela Poggi) visits an old Nazi Camp ruin where she was held as a jewish prisoner. She has an older man with her (Commandant Conrad von Starker as played by Adriano Micantoni) who seems to be her lover. Lise shows us her story in flashbacks.

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Flashbacks: World War 2... Commandant Conrad is a sadistic mean man. He tortures all the jewish females in a million bad ways. From rape to burning them up to humilation etc. But with the gorgeous blonde Lise he has his problems. He can't break her will to show fear while torturing (she makes herself immune to pain). She turns into his obsession, an obsession he will regret.

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That was a hell of a ride. One sick ass film. The movie isn't a Video Nastie in the UK for nothing. Let me tell you some sick shit that was in the film: Eating a jewish baby fetus for dinner, a jewish maid gets greased up with the fetus, then they put Cognac on her naked body and they burn her up... Thats enough, see the rest for yourself. All the actors were great and played their parts very good. Also the cinematography was very good. And the main movie track (very old school German music, but with Italian singers singing in German) was cool. The track fits the mood. Don't expect alot of gore, it's actually not needed because the film is sick enough. Closing words: The movie is Highly Recommended to those that love that type of genre. For the sensitive type of fellows... Not Recommended!

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