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  • A gangster boss/mastermind (Joseph Cotten) has been in prison for a total of 10 years. During his time in prison he plans his last heist, and after that he wants to settle down in Greece. After his release he tries to get a crew together. He's got: The Poker Player, The Olympic Gun Shooter (who is a drug addict), The Actress (which thinks first she's really playing in a movie and not doing some crime), The Chess Player, The Labotorist and The Good Man. Everything is well planned. The hit starts and things go wrong. Dead people are all over the place. Some of the crew escapes with the bait. Back at headquarters another guy arrives with machine guns and some mean dudes. The Poker Player informed them back earlier in the film. Why? That you will see when you watch the movie. More dead people, only one man and one female survive and gets away. What happens then? WATCH THE MOVIE! Since you might be following and reading my reviews you know I'm a tough critic. But I don't have to be a critic at all about this film. It's "the bomb", the "sure shot". The cinematography was great. I love the close up shots. The Italians in the 60's and 70's were ahead of their time when it came to cinematography. Directors like Quentin Tarantino have copied so much from Italian movies, now you know why. Highly Recommended! --GBS
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