Fugitive Girls

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Main Details

  • Released on July 13, 1974 (Bismarck, North Dakota)
  • Color
  • Running Time: 90 min / UK:70 min
  • Production Co: A.F.P.I. Productions | Apostolof Film Productions
  • Distribution Co: SCA Distributors
  • Directed by Stephen C. Apostolof
  • Written by Stephen C. Apostolof, Edward D. Wood Jr.
  • Starring Jabie Abercrombe, Rene Bond, Tallie Cochrane, Donna Young, Margie Lanier
  • Produced by Stephen C. Apostolof (as A.C. Stephen), S.B. Cooper
  • Film Editing by Louigi Rogatoni

Plot Summary

  • Five inmates break out of a remote minimum security prison for women. Four are hardened convicts, the fifth was wrongfully convicted. As the authorities chase them down, the cons terrorize or kill anyone who gets in their way.

Also Known As

  • Five Loose Women
  • Hot on the Trail
  • Women's Penitentiary VIII
  • 5 Loose Women


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