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  • When Ann (Lynne Kocol) comes back home from a trip, she sees the murder of her husband. Two guys dressed with cowls follow her, put a needle into her arm and she wakes up in a hospital. The Doctors tell her that her husband died of a heart attack and she's hysterical. Meanwhile, Detective Kevin McGuire (Thomas Gowan) investigates the mysterious disappearance of two college kids. Somehow the trail brings him into the hospital and he hears the story of Ann. Nobody knows till now what kinda experiments the Doctors are doing. Will they find out? Bad film with a good story. They could have made more out of it. One funny thing was the dude in the cowl with the strange eyeballs. I also liked the gore scenes (example: an axe into a face). But a few good scenes don't make the film any better. The acting was terrible in it. But better than in Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966). Not Recommended! --GBS
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