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  • AKA: Madeleine/One Eye
  • Born: 1950
  • Place: Sweden
  • Occupation: Prostitute



Frigga (aka Madeleine) is a fictional character portrayed by Christina Lindberg in the Swedish exploitation revenge film Thriller: A Cruel Picture. Frigga grew up on a farm in the Swedish countryside. After being raped at a young age, Frigga becomes mute. In her teens she is kidnapped by a rich pimp named Tony and given massive amounts of heroin which make her addicted. Using her addiction to keep her as a prostitute/slave, Frigga must endure several sexual rapes. At one point Frigga relents and Tony cuts out one of her eyes with a scalpel. Disfigured, Frigga wears an eyepatch from that point on. Frigga manages to use money from her job as a prostitute to take classes to help defend herself, she later gets revenge on Tony and his clients.


Frigga enrolls in several kinds of defense training classes to get revenge on Tony and her johns. The classes she takes include: race car driving, marksmanship and martial arts. Frigga becomes proficient in all areas and turns into a deadly killer.

Movie Connections

It is not known as fact, but Frigga may have influenced the look of Snake Plissken in John Carpenter's Escape From New York (1981). For his 2003-04 revenge film Kill Bill, Writer-Director Quentin Tarantino used Frigga as one of the main inspirations for his own eye patch wearing character Elle Driver.

Fun Facts

Frigg (or Frigga) is a major goddess in Norse paganism, a subset of Germanic paganism. She is said to be the wife of Odin, and is the "foremost among the goddesses" more at Wikipedia

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