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As the film begins, we see the massacre from the last movie and we also see the police and ambulances surrounding the cabin where the last bloody story took place. Jason Voorhees is laying in the barn floor, hes dead...for now. The ambulance picks him up and takes him to the local hospital to be readied for the morgue. When the ambulance drivers bring his body in, one of the hospital doctors signs him in and takes his body to the storage room. He puts Jasons body into the body vault, but the door doesnt shut all the way. The doctor is flirting with his favorite nurse, and hes making it clear he wants to get busy with her. This guy is a schmuck, but the pretty nurse is somehow charmed by him anyways. They fool around as Jasons body lays on the table behind them (only we saw him being put into the morgue shelf!). Suddenly, Jasons hand falls out of the gurney and hits the two lovers as they are getting it on. The nurse freaks out and gets up and leaves in a huff. While alone with the dead body, the dorky doctor watches a aerobics show on TV, then all of a sudden Jason is back! He takes a medical saw and slashes his neck open, then breaks his neck by twisting his head around.


Back on the lake, we meet a girl and her mom, they are Trish Jarvis (Kimberly Beck) and Mrs Jarvis (Joan Freeman). We also meet little Tommy Jarvis (Corey Feldman) a nerdy kid with a really bad haircut. Tommy loves horror movies and he even makes his own masks and special FX. We can see Tommy his sis and mom are really close and they are a happy little family along with their dog Gordon.


A car full of kids are on their way to the lake for some fun. We meet the group as they try to find the cabin near the lake and among them are 2 actors that later starred in big films. Jimmy played by Crispin Glover (who makes his screen debut appearance in this film) and you may recognize Teddy played by Lawrence Monoson (who starred in the Last American Virgin a year earlier). The kids are looking for love on the trip and they discuss their sex lives in the back of the car as the others try to figure out where theyre going. After Jimmy tells Teddy about his poor sex life, Teddy says its because Jimmy is a "deadfuck". On the road they see this fat hippie chick looking for a ride, as they pass her they call her names and she holds up a sign that says FUCK YOU! on it. She sits down and sighs, then pulls out a banana and slobbily starts to eat it. Suddenly, we hear a crackle of brush, she stops and looks around. Then goes back to stuffing her fat face. Suddenly a hand grabs her and sticks a knife through her neck, the chewed up banana falls out of her mouth.


The kids arrive at the house theyre staying at which happens to be right across the way from The Jarvis' house. Trish walks over to say hi to the kids and they greet each other. The kids unpack and get ready to have some fun at the lake. They go down to the lake and they meet these cute twin babes Tina and Terri (Camilla and Carey More) riding the trail on their bikes, the kids tell the twins to join them for some fun and they meet them later on. The kids decide to go swimming and they all run down into the water. Then one kid screams "Skinny Dip!" and thats that. All the kids pull off their clothes and start going nuts. Tommy and Trish show up to take Gordon for a walk, but as soon as Deb sees the goings on she covers Tommys eyes and telkls him they have to leave.


That night, Tommy looks out his window and sees a girl in the adjacent house takling off her clothes and he starts to geek out. Its a funny scene. Then his mom entrers his room and as shes tucking him in, she sees the kids making out in the window, so she quietly shuts the blinds and kisses Tommy good night. The next day when Trish and Tommy are out driving their car breaks down and Tommy tries to fix it, but then they are hekped out by a hiker named Rob (E Erich Anderson) whos in the area camping. He tells Trish to start the car and he puts his knife on one of the motors and gets it started. They take Rob back to their house and Tommy asks Rob to come and check out his room. Tommy shows Rob all of his cool monster masks and his cool hand operated puppet head. Its cool stuff that was actually made by the films FX artist. Rob tells Tommy and Trish he has to get going, but he gives Trish a kiss on the cheek before he leaves.

The kids at the house across the street are partying down, drinking beer and flirting with each other. The kids have fun listening to some music and when you see Crispin Glover dancing to rock n roll, you'll laugh your ass off. He is spazzing out in that way only he can do it. Paul (Alan Hayes) decides this heavy metal music isnt right for his romantic mood so he puts on some loungy Frank Sinatra type music so him and his girl can dance slow. Teddy is trying to get some from one of the twins, but isnt scoring with her. These scenes are pretty funny because the sad way these kids flirtt with each other is so 1980s. Its corny, funny stuff! Jimmy finally gets a good sex session in with one of the hot twins, while Teddy the loudmouth misses out. One of the twins flirts with Paul after his girlfriend decides to go for a swim. Paul tells her he cant do it, so he leaves and goes down to the lake after his girlfriend and swims out to see her in the rubber raft, only to find shes dead! Paul frantically swims back to the shore and as hes trying to get out of the water, Jason impales him crotch first on a metal pole.


At his tent in the woods nearby, Rob hears the scream from Paul and runs to look where its coming from. While hes listening, he hears something breaking in his tent. When he runs back he sees someone has been there. His rifle is broken. Rob knows who it is and he goes looking for the person. Trish comes to see Rob and climbs into his tent to wait for him, while she waits a figure walks up behind the tent, suddenly a machete slashes through the tent, but its just Rob. Rob is pissed at Trish and asks her what the hell shes doing. She tells him, somethings wrong. Rob tells her he heard a scream, then she remembers Tommys all by himself at the house.

Back in the house, Teddy is watching old stag films from the 20s, having a great time, while Jimmy is getting laid upstairs by the twin that got shutdown by Paul. Jimmy asks the girl if hes a "deadfuck" and she tells him hes marvelous. Downstairs one of the twins decides to go home cuz shes not diggin the scene. She goes outside to leave and in siloutette while lightning flashes we see her get impaled by Jason. Teddys still watchin the stag films, and Jimmy comes downstairs to show him somethging: the chicks panties. Teddy tells Jimmy congrats, and Jimmy goes into the kitchen to open up some champagne in celebration. He cant find the corkscrew and when he gets his hand impaled by it by Jason he knows what happened to it. With an added axe to the face, Jimmy IS a deadfuck.


While Teddy is alone, he watches the movie, but suddenly the film stops running and the next movie is ready. So he goes up to the screen but before he can get to the next reel, a knife is plunged through his head from behind the movie screen. Sara and Doug (Peter Barton) are getting to know each other better in the shower, and Sara decides to get out and dry off. Doug stays in the shower and sings some songs, he hears someone outside the shower and tells Sara to get back in the shower, then he thinks it might be Paulie, but when the hand comes through the glass crushing his skull into the tiles, we see its Jason, I guess he didnt like his singing voice. Sara comes back into the bathroom and finds Dougs body slumped over, bloodied. She runs downstairs and tries to open the front door, where shes met by an axe into her chest.


Rob and Trish come back to check on Tommy, and see hers okay. Then they go across the way to check the kids house out. Theres noone there. They go down into the basement, while down there they hear a noise, Rob runs down to see what it is, and its Jason! Jason grabs Rob and starts to wail on him, Rob screams to Trish to get out of the house. Trish takes off up the stairs but she has to go back to see if Robs still alive, she runs back down the stairs but knows Rob is dead, then she begins to go back up and Jasons hand crashes through the steps and grabs her leg. Trish takes the machete and wacks Jasons hand a few times and gashes his wrist. She gets out and runs away from the house and tells Tommy to nail all the doors and windows shut.


Trish and Tommy try to start nailing the door and windows shut but, Robs body comes crashing through the window with a spike in his head (trademark Voorhees). With a surprise attack, Jason pops through the other window and grabs Tommy and tries to pull him out, but Trish picks up a hammer and repeatedly bashes Jason in the head with it, then in one last good strike, sticks it into his neck. This gets them some time, but not much because Jason is really pissed, and he smashes through the door and pulls the hammer out of his neck and throws it at Trish's' head, just barely missing her. Trish and Tommy run upstairs fast and try to hide in his room. They try to block the door with a large bookcase but dont cover the door completely. Soon Jason is bashing through the door with an axe, as he tries to move the bookcase from the door, Trish grabs Tommys computer monitor and smashes Jason in the head knocking him down.


They open the door slowly and Trish gets past Jason, but Jason jumps up and he has to decide who to go after: Tommy or Trish. Well like a good monster, Jason picks Trish and chases her out the door into the kids house. Trish runs into the house and up the stairs to the 2nd floor. Then she realizes shes cornered. Before Jason can get her, she bolts for the window and crashes through it, falling to the ground. She slowly gets up and limps back to her own house, but as she walks through the door we see Jason is right behind her. Tommy tells her hes still there and Trish tells him he should have left. As Jason goes to grab her, she slashes him with the large machete she has in her hand. Angrily, Jason smashes the lights out. Jason starts to strangle Trish, then as hes going to kill her, we see Tommy come down the stairs. He is now bald and looks like a young Jason. Tommy yells to Jason to get his attention and Jason starts to move towards Tommy, who is telling Jason to "remember, dont you remember Jason?" While Jason is moving towards Tommy, Trish gets up and attacks Jason from behind. She gets in one good hit that wacks his mask off. We see Jasons deformed face in plain sight and let me tell ya, hes one ugly mofo!! Tommy picks up the machete Trish dropped out of shock and as Jason goes to attack her, Tommy cracks him right in the head, Jason falls down on the machete and its cuts his head almost completely off! (Excellent FX scene!). Tommy and Trish are ok, and they hug happily. Out of the corner of his eye, Tommy sees Jasons fingers moving, he pushes Trish away and grabs the machete again. Tommy begins screaming while he violently slashes Jasons body yelling: "DIE! DIE!". Trish yells at Tommy to stop it, but Tommy continues going apeshit on Jason.


This is one of the most shocking and entertaining installments in the series. With an ending you'll only see once! The final chapter was supposed to be the last film in the series, but it just wasnt enough for fans of Jason! Another highly recommended slasher classic!


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