Friday The 13th Pt 3/Soundtrack

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< Friday The 13th Pt 3
  • Original Music by Harry Manfredini



A1. Part 2 Flashback A2. Theme From Friday The 13th Part 3 A3. The General Store A4. The Meat Clever A5. Arriving At The Barn / Fake Axe B1. Let's Go For a Swim B2. Who's Up There? B3. In The Barn B4. The Pipe Wrench B5. In The Bedroom B6. Flashback To Meeting Jason B7. Chuck Walks To Outhouse B8. The Lake Dock B9. Shelly Goes To The Barn B10. Wallet In the Lake B11. Debbie Takes A Shower Higgins Haven - C1. Walking On Hands C2. The Fuse Box C3. Chili Bites The Big One C4. Nobody Home C5. The Eyes Have It C6. Jason Down Stairs To Barn D1. Jason Hung D2. Jason Grabs Rope D3. Hallucinating D4. Jason Dead In Barn / End Credit Title

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