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  • This is a perfect example of the kind of film that could never be made today. Freaks also known as "Nature's Mistakes" is a film about sideshow freaks. A woman named Cleopatra (a trapeze artist) kind of likes of playing mind games with Hans (a sideshow midget) and makes his wife Fredia extremely jealous but after learning that Hans has a fortune she marries him then poisons him to get the money. While Hans is sick from being poisoned (everyone else thinks that its because he drinks too much), one of the other sideshow performers overhears what they are planning and he tells the other "freaks". The sideshow freaks attack them (even the guy with no arms and legs). Hercules is killed and since Cleopatra hates anyone who isn't "normal" she is turned into a freak herself. Freaks is a very brutal film for the 30's, in fact it was so brutal that it ruined Tod Browning's career forever and is still banned in parts of the world today. Its a classic exploitation film thats in your face and keeps you on the edge of your seat to the very end! --Me
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