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The legendary Weng Weng stars as Secret Agent 00 in this wild, wacky, downright entertaining Filipino spy film spoof. This 1981 gem is one big carnival of fights, stunts and hilarious dialogue. When a major crime syndicate kingpin named "Mr. Giant" kidnaps a scientist named Dr. Van Kohler (Mike Cohen) who has the secret plans to the "N-bomb", the Phillipino Secret Service send in their top agent 00 (Weng) to get him back.

After receiving orders from his superior, 00 takes off onto the streets to get some information from an undercover prostitute named Lola. When Weng arrives to meet her, an assassin tries to shoot Lola, but luckily Weng saves her in the nick of time. Being 3 feet tall, Weng is able to infiltrate almost any building or hideout usually without being seen. If he is spotted, he simply shoots his adversary or just kicks/punches/slaps them in their balls. Weng is a super skilled martial artist/sharpshooter and is pretty much unstoppable. Not only that, his arsenal of secret gadgets given to him by his chief officer help him out of any jam he might get in. The score is a mix of James Bond style cues and is playing throughout the entire film. This really gives the proceedings that extra 'spy on the move' edge.

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While watching this movie I was reminded of Woody Allen's heavily dubbed spy comedy What's Up Tiger Lily? especially due to the accents of the dubbing actors. These characters are all Philipino but they sound like they're from a 40s Hollywood gangster film! This just adds another layer of zany laughs to the mix. There's also constant action going on, whether its Weng-Weng breaking into a drug factory and bashing the toes of some thugs with a hammer, dancing at a disco, jumping off a highrise with a umbrella or the truly memorable scene when Weng uses his mini jet pack to fly around Hidden Island, the lair where "Mr. Giant" lives. One scene has Weng cornering a thug using a samurai sword! Our miniature hero even has a way with the ladies which is great to watch. One smile from him and these gals' hearts melt! Weng Weng may be vertically challenged but he's got gargantuan spirit! For Your Height Only is a load of fun that cult film-exploitation fans will surely enjoy spending time with. Highly recommended!


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