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  • According to star Marshall Thompson, when director Arthur Crabtree showed up on the first day of shooting and looked at the script, he claimed that this was not the film he had been hired to direct, and that he did not do "monster" films. Crabtree got into such a heated argument with the producers that he left the set and did not show up for several days, during which time Thompson himself directed the film.
  • This 1958 British production was based on "The Thought-Monster" by Amelia Reynolds Long, which was published in the classic American pulp magazine Weird Tales in 1930.
  • The Criterion Collection DVD has a hidden gag on it added by the authors. If you check the disc name/ID on a PC through various means, the ID reads AFIENDINNEEDISAFIENDINDEED, i.e. "A fiend in need is a fiend, indeed".
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