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Nami Matsushima


The leading character, a woman betrayed and sent to prison. Nami is played by Meiko Kaji, the glamorous star of Lady Snowblood.



The evil warden, played by Fumio Watanabe. You've seen this actor in School of The Holy Beast (the priest), The Streetfighter (the bad guy who tries to hire Chiba to kidnap Yukata Nakajima) and many others.

Prison Guard # 1


The warden's right hand man number 1. Played by Hideo Murota, who was one of Toei's most important supporting actors. He played Tetsuro Tamba's trusted man in Zero Woman: Red Handcuffs and the main villain in Sister Streetfighter 2.

Prison Guard # 2


The warden's right hand man number 2. Played by Shinzo Hotta. Hotta is an excellent bad guy supporting actor, who slept with Reiko Ike in Criminal Woman: Killing Melody. He also plays the main villain in the beginning of the tokusatsu series Iron King.

Detective Sugimi


The man who betrayed Nami. Played by screen legend Isao Natsuyagi. Goyokin, Samurai Wolf, Violent Streets, Karate Warriors (plays the warrior with the child) and and Virus are only some of his movies.

Female Prisoner # 1


The older prisoner who looks after Nami's back. Played by Hiroko Ogi. She was the star of the Rising Dragon series, but Meiko Kaji replaced her in the last part (which was Blind Woman's Curse)

Female Prisoner # 2


The girl who tries to seduce Nami. Played by pinky violence regular Yumiko Katayama, who appears such films as Delinquent Girl Boss: Worthless To Confess, Criminal Woman: Killing Melody and Horrors of Malformed Men

Female Prisoner # 3


The red haired prisoner, played byYoko ”my middle name is pinky violence” Mihara. You've seen her in every other pinky violence movie ever made. Girl Boss Guerilla, Zero Woman: Red Handcuffs, Terrifying Girls' High School: Lynch Law Classroom, Tokugawa Onna Keizu, Sex & Fury, etc. She has also appeared in non-pink films like Hideo Gosha's Three Outlaw Samurai and Sword of the Beast

Female Prisoner # 4


The mean, but kinda cute bitch who is hired to kill Nami. Actress Rie Yokoyama has appeared in Wakamatsu's Extasy of the Angels.

Female Prisoner # 5


Nami's best friend, played by a real cutie Yayoi Watanabe. She also apprears in Female Prisoner Scorpion: Beast Stable and Female Prisoner Scorpion: Grudge Song but in different roles. In The Bodyguard she plays Sonny Chiba's sister.

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