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  • Junko Miyazono stars in this stylish and surprisingly story driven revenge film. Labeled as ”the original pinky violence film” by the US distributor Synapse Female Demon Ohyaku doesn’t feature much more nudity than Miyazono’s tattooed back, but the violence is strong and bloody. The amount of action is small but the main point of the film lies undeniably elsewhere. As a female action film Female Demon Ohyaku could be considered a sort of early pinky violence film, but the lack graphic sex and nudity sets it appart from "true pinky violence films". The themes however are there. While the film never gets boring it feels like it could be a bit more exciting than it is now. The legendary Tomisaburo Wakayama has a small supporting role as a local yakuza boss. His role does not feature any action. --HungFist
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