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  • Maria Salas (Verónica Luján), a young nurse gets found totally disturbed on her vacation by strangers. She can't remember a thing and looks 30 years older (gray hair). Her sister Hilda Salas (Krista Nell) also can't reach her. Maria gets hospitaled and a short time after she dissapears suddenly. Hilda tries to search for her and meets the rich Dr. Tills Nescu (Espartaco Santoni) - who knew her sister. He's got this special ability to lure females and Hilda also falls under his spell. Finally she realizes that he's doing some occult things and all the women he has met dissapeared for good. Meanwhile Carlos (Ennio Girolami) and Inspector Gonzales (Julio Peña) are investigating too, are they coming too late? On the backside of the german Marketing DVD (which is english friendly) it says: This film is very rare and is remastered from one of the few prints available. Therefore don't expect DVD Quality. First of all, the movie is very boring. Sometimes I thought, should I fall to sleep? or turn it off? I only watched the full movie 'coz it's a rare european one. Now I'm wiser why it's rare. But Krista Nell was beautiful. A little nudity in it too, but the nudity also couldn't save the film. The story was confusing. Not Recommended! --GBS
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