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  • The films origin came about when producer Charles M. LaLoggia discovered the filming location of the Boldt Castle in Alexandria Bay, New York. LaLoggia thought it was an ideal place to set a horror film and approached his cousin director Frank LaLoggia to write a film around the location.
  • Painted cornflakes were used for zombie makeup.
  • The voice of Jeff Richter, who plays the Christ in the passion play, was dubbed by director LaLoggia in post production.
  • An executive at Avco Embassy wanted the seduction scene between Andrew and Gabrielle to be cut from the film, but director Frank LaLoggia wanted the scene left in. A deal was struck where the scene would be left in the film if the executive would be given associate producer credit. The scene remains in the film.
  • Richard Jay Silverthorn, who plays Lucifer in the film, also did the makeup work on the film. Later Silverthorn would also write a published novelization of Fear No Evil.
  • Avco Embassy Pictures picked up the film for release solely based on the fact that zombies were featured in the film. This was the element upon which they marketed Fear No Evil, note the zombie image used on the early video releases.
  • Fred Goodich's cinematography in the film was stylized after many medieval paintings, particular those of Rembrandt.
  • Frank LaLoggia was strongly opposed to having zombies included in the film, however producer Charles M. LaLoggia insisted on having zombies in the film since zombie movies were popular at the time.
  • Shot in 7 weeks.
  • The school used for the high school in the film was the junior high school that director Frank LaLoggia attended as a child. Many of the extras were actual local students.
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