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I thought this would've been a fun one since it involves Bruce Lee's death at the hands of drug dealers (a drug did lead to his real death, anyhow) but this turns out to be another dull entry in Brucesploitation-land.

Plot-Bruce Lee's #1 student, David (Bruce Li) spends a majority of the movie just talking to source,after source,after source...To find out who the bad guys were that got his Master killed (Bruce's death is offscreen, in case you wanted to know) and as far as the action goes, there's only about a total of 4 fight sequences in the whole movie. To make things worse, Bruce Li never gets to fight a martial artist. Only a "Giant" in the movie's only memorable fight.

The only highlights for me was the use of the music for Three Tough Guys (The same exact music used for KILL BILL when Pai Mei goes fist to fist with the Bride) which plays over the nifty opening-credits sequence. It was also nice to hear excerpts from Pink Floyd's "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" used in a sequence when Bruce Li does some snooping around.

Oh and Bruce Li gets to wear both the old man disguise AND the telephone-repair man disguise from FIST OF FURY/CHINESE CONNECTION in this movie. Don't ask me why.

Reviewed by Laydback

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