Executioners From Shaolin

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Main Details

  • Released in 1977
  • Color
  • Running Time: 98 Min.
  • Production Co: Shaw Brothers
  • Distribution Co: New World Pictures (1982) (USA) (dubbed)
  • Directed by Lau Kar Leung
  • Written by Kuang Ni
  • Starring Kuan Tai Chen, Lily Li, Yue Wong
  • Produced by Runme Shaw

Plot Summary

  • A couple unite - she is fluent in the crane style of kung fu, he in tiger style. They have a son, but the boy's father is killed by the evil eunuch Bai Mei. Disguised as a girl, his mom trains him in crane style while he secretly learns tiger style from his father's training manual.

Also Known As

  • Executioners of Death (USA) (dubbed version)
  • Hung Hei Kwun (Hong Kong) (Cantonese title)
  • Msciciele z klasztoru Shao Lin (Poland)
  • Shaolin Executioners (International) (video title) (English title)
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