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  • John Rae appears as the same character in this film as he did in the original TV version.
  • The Shell Haven Refinery location used in the television serial was revisited for the film, which was able to make greater use of the location.
  • One of the first films (if not the very first film) ever to use the number 2 as an indicator that it was the sequel to another film. In a DVD commentary Francis Ford Coppola makes a similar claim for The Godfather: Part II (1974). The Godfather Part II was released some 17 years after this movie.
  • The ruined town of Winnerden Flats is at Ivinghoe Beacon (along The Ridgeway), near the village of Ivinghoe in Buckinghamshire, and is owned and protected by the National Trust.
  • 'Byran Forbes' replaced 'Maurice Kaufman' as Marsh.
  • John Longden replaced Jack Warner as Inspector Lomax.
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