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In this installment of the series, Emanuelle (Laura Gemser) is a photo journalist who travels around the world in search of news (and of course, sexual thrills). Her first stop is Nairobi where she meets up with her old friend Susan (Ely Galleani) whose now a stewardess. Susan takes Emanuelle to the country so she can meet a powerful gangster and take pictures of his compound. Before they get there, Susan needs to stop at her mechanic's place because her jeep is acting funny. When they get into the auto body shop, Susan gets out and talks to the mechanic as he shines a light under the jeep ...and her dress. Pretty soon, they are both hot to go at it and they do. Emanuelle watches from inside the jeep and does some masturbating.

The girls arrive at the gangster's ranch in the Kenyan countryside and are immediately turned away by the gatekeeper when he finds out they're reporters, Emanuelle snaps a couple of quick shots before they take off. Later, Susan gives Emanuelle a stewardess uniform and they meet the gangster face to face at the airport. Once he sees how beautiful they are, he lets them stay right at his ranch. The girls and their host go on a little excursion into the bush. Not that bush, the kind with lions and wilderbeasts. Theres some really nice outdoor cinematography here. Afterwards, Emanuelle and Susan get into some hot sex with the gangster.

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While traveling around the city, Emanuelle notices a girl she saw when she arrived at the airport who was in a wheelchair, but now she's walking, being hustled along by a businessman type. This stirs her interest and she knows somethings up. So Emanuelle follows the girl back to NYC and begins investigating this strange occurence. Emanuelle's photographer friend gives her some info on a female slave ring and Emanuelle begins tracking down the man who can give her info on where the ring hold their "slave auctions" where young girls are sold to the highest bidder. Laura goes undercover and infiltrates the ring and has several sexual trists with various strangers.

This is an enjoyable, highly erotic film and fans of Laura Gemser won't be dissapointed. Theres plenty of hot 70s style T & A here. The cinematography and direction are nicely put together and it really helps the film move smoothly from one place to another. The funky score by Nico Fidenco also gives a rhythm to the story which entertains your auditory senses while you're enjoying the eye candy. Its one of his best! This is a Grindhouse classic!


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