Emanuelle and the Erotic Nights

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Emanuelle and the Erotic Nights (1978, Italy) is a Mondo film directed by Bruno Mattei. Often confused with the similar Sexy Night Report

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Main Details

  • Released in 1978
  • Color
  • Production Co: Sorgente Cinematografica
  • Directed by Bruno Mattei (as Jimmy Mathews/Joe Matheus)
  • Written by Bruno Mattei & Joe D’Amato (credited to Jimmy Mathews)
  • Starring: Laura Gemser, Ajita Wilson
  • Original Music by Gianni Marchetti
  • Cinematography by Alex Mancory
  • Film editing by Jimmy Mathews & Claudio Borroni

Also Known as

  • Emanuelle E Le Porno Notti
  • Emanuelle E Le Porno Notti Nel Mondo 2
  • Emanuelle And The Porno Nights


Emanuelle hosts a Mondo film look into bizarre and perverse sexual encounters, fantasies, and rituals from around the world. (IMDB)

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