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Another day, another sex-filled and shockworthy journey with photo-journalist, Emanuelle (Laura Gemser). Emanuelle's task this time is to travel to India to uncover the risque antics of a sexual guru (George Eastman). But this being an Emanuelle film starring Laura Gemser and directed by Joe D'Amato, a million bucks says that you'll find either hardcore inserts for sex scenes and an abrupt change in storyline. Yes to both! So during her stay in India, Emanuelle meets Mary (Brigitte Petronio) who informs Emanuelle about an occurrence going on back in Rome, Italy where escort girls are kidnapped, gang-raped, and forced into submissive punishment when they're sold to Hong Kong. One of the escort girls, Cora (Karin Schubert) will join Emanuelle in an attempt to bring the kidnappers and the extortionists to justice.

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As D'Amato's "Black Emanuelle" films went on, one can notice a trend of slight improvements going on at this point in time. The scripts, by now, were starting to become more tightly connected (Capitalizing on one of the mistakes Emanuelle In Bangkok had) and (Though often off screen) the "Evil culprits" behind the despicable acts were now being apprehended (Something that Emanuelle in America seemed to build upon, but never fully solved). Yet other things still remain the same. And that's the common-place inclusion of skin, sex, kinkiness and (If it's the XXX version you see) hardcore shots and...Bestiality! But before we get to that shockingly nasty stuff, I'd like to give an honorable mention for the sequences set in India. D'Amato really creates a provocative atmosphere with these scenes with plenty of high-level and low-level camerawork. The art direction for the sets is also one of the more accomplished you'll ever find in this type of genre, as well. But then all that beauty seems to disappear once we get to extremely rough territory involving the gang rapes/beatings. But these scenes are almost timid compared to the sequences involving a snake and a German Shepherd (I'll just leave it at that). But that's the strange beauty of these Emanuelle films. The boundaries of sexual interest and perversion are always crossed just when you think it couldn't get topped. Just for that factor alone, Emanuelle Around The World secures its position of expecting the unexpected for this kind of eroticism. By the way, cult-fans would probably want to know the whereabouts of fan-favorite Ivan Rassimov since he's credited in the cast. Yeah, he's here playing as a chairman for the United Nations. And though he pops up from time to time to talk with Emanuelle, he doesn't have nothing else to do (I'm guessing that Gabriele Tinti wasn't available for this film!). But be on the lookout for an acting appearance by D'Amato himself!

Reviewed by Laydback

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