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The film opens up in a forest where two Bollywood-looking guys are participating in some archery. One's just an observer. The other's doing the shooting..Untill he's interrupted by a grieving female voice in his head (The first sign of strange things to come!) Once this archery exercise is over, the superiority between the two men is established. Meet "The Master" (Mike Atkinson) who bullies and torments his mute servant, named "Brother" (Jonathan Manos) What is it that's making The Master so damned uptight all the time? Can we say, sexual frustation? Or sexual anxiety? Or how about all the above and then some! In The Master's domain lies a super-duper computer (Which takes up a whole wall. That's how super this thing is) We find out that this computer is able to project images from various apartment rooms (Around New York) of single women who are always undressing or feeling the need to be sexy. How this projection-thing works is that Brother roams all around town while being told from The Master where to go (Via ear-piece) then Brother plants himself by the window of the apartment and aims the remote camera (Which looks like a Ray Gun) into the room and bingo, the images are sent back to The Master. Now the movie simply could have headed into a Rear Window-like approach with this voyeruism angle. Instead, the viewers are thrown a curveball on how strange this thing becomes. What follows is head-scratching hodgepodge of The Master making love to his mirror, going into undecipherable monologues (We don't know if he's telling riddles or spouting bad poetry) and we aren't even really sure if he really is able to become telepathic with all these women of his dreams. Is there a deep meaning somewhere in all this madness? Some cinephiles would be willing to give this one a look to find an interpretation, but others would surely become too frustrated to go any further.

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As far as what goes on in the surface of this film, It's a bit heavy on the T&A so the grindhouse freaks can let out some exhaling with that inclusion. The supporting players (Namely Linda Boyce and Uta Erickson) made their stride in east coast sexploitation and are familiar faces for other genre directors like Michael and Roberta Findlay and Doris Wishman. Both gals show up in this movie and do their nudie/sexual thing, so the popeyes/trenchcoats can rejoice with that factor. Plus a relatively unknown black beauty named Natara seems to dominate the last half of the film with a wild topless dance, a nude stroll into the woods while being accompanied by three other naked "Free spirits", and a very artful, same-sex scene with Uta. Lastly, this film does have a very good music score by "The Fludd". Each musical track that appears in the movie seems to always outdo the previous musical selection. I have to admit, it was quite an enthralling experience to hear this fluid, garage-band sound mixed together with some of the many visually sexy moments.

But Electronic Lover is still an acquired taste. Some fans will be too put off by the "Art/Student" aspect of this flick but others could gain some appreciation for it because it's not quite like anything else. I'll just say this, even though I didn't know what the hell was going on, I somehow liked what I saw.

Reviewed by Laydback

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