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  • Son of Pilar Sinco, a school teacher, and José E. Romero, a former congressman, Secretary of Education, and Philippine Ambassador to Spain.
  • Married to Carolina Gonzales. They have three children, including film director Joey Romero. Actress Chanda Romero, is also a niece.
  • Major influences in his filmmaking style were Gerardo de Leon, and Japanese filmmaker Yasujiro Ozu.
  • Has won five screenplay awards from the Film Academy of Movie Arts & Sciences (FAMAS) for the films Buhay alamang (1952), Aguila (1980), The Passionate Strangers (1966), Durugin si Totoy Bato (1979) and Padrino, Ang (1985), elevating him to the FAMAS "Hall of Fame."
  • He made many international films for Hemisphere Productions, including Day of the Trumpet, aka Cavalry Command (1963), and Terror Is a Man (1959).
  • As a young teenager, he was selling short stories to the Phillipines Free Press.
  • He sold his first story at the age of 12.
  • After director Gerardo de Leon read some of Romero's stories, he contacted him and talked him into writing some screenplays. This was the start of Romero's involvement in the movie industry.
  • Although he is a native of the Philippines, he does not speak nor understand Tagalog. His writings and screenplays must be translated.
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