Ed Wood (1994)/Soundtrack

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  • Original music by Howard Shore

TRACK LISTING: 1.Main Title 2.Backlot 3.Mr. Lugosi/Hypno Theme 4.Beware 5.Glen Or Glenda 6.Eddie, Help Me 7.Elmogambo 8.Bride of the Monster 9.I Have No Home 10.Kubo Mambo (composed by Perez Prado) 11.Nautch Dance (composed by Korla Prandit) 12.Angora 13.Sanitarium 14.Ed & Kathy 15.Elysium 16."Grave Robbers" Begins 17.Lurk Him 18.Ed Takes Control 19.Eddie Takes A Blow 20.This Is The One 21.Ed Wood (video)

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