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Dynasty (1977, HK) is a 3-D Kung Fu film directed by Mei Chun Chang


Main Details

  • Released in 1977
  • Color
  • Running Time: 94 Min
  • Production Co: Tung Chuan Films/Eastern Media/Foo Hwa Cinema Co.
  • Distribution Co: JAD Films International Inc. (1977) (USA) (theatrical) (dubbed)/Ambassador Film Distributors (1981) (Canada) (theatrical) (dubbed)/Cinema Shares International Distribution (1977) (USA) (theatrical) (dubbed)/Cinépix Film Properties (CFP) (1982) (theatrical) (Canada: Quebec) (dubbed)/Columbia Films (1977) (Japan) (theatrical) (dubbed)/Sofilmes (1980) (Portugal) (theatrical) (35 mm)/Eagle Films (UK) (all media)
  • Directed by Mei Chun Chang
  • Written by Kuo-Hsiung Liu
  • Starring Tao-Liang Tan, Ying Bai, Kang Chin, David Wei Tang
  • Produced by Mei-lun Shih
  • Cinematography by Jung-Shu Chen (as Chang Zon Su)

Plot Summary

  • The prince of the Emperor must fight for his life, accused of treason against the throne.

Also Known As

  • Super Dragon
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  • Exploitation books
  • Kung fu movies
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