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  • Partially shot in Cottonwood, Arizona in the Old Town Theater, at the time the longest running single screen theater in the United States (opened 1923). In December 1998, the theater suffered from a 4-alarm fire that closed the theater for good. It has since been rebuilt as restaurant/bar.
  • Filmed in Cottonwood,AZ which is interestingly enough, three miles away from Clarkdale, AZ where The scene where Walsh (Robert De Niro and the Duke (Charles Grodin) steal a Blazer upon exiting the train Midnight Run (1988) was filmed, is literally, three miles away from where Dudes was filmed. On the same, stretch of road no less. Also, both films were released one year apart from each other.
  • Missoula was making fun of Biscuit's mohawk, but Lee Ving in real life is a punk singer.
  • The opening scene shows The Vandals performing the song "Urban Struggle" with part of the lyrics say "After a couple shit kickin' Cowboy movies I'll check out the Cowboy scene down at Zubie's". Zubie's was an urban-cowboy bar located at 1712 Placentia Avenue in Costa Mesa, California. The Vandals frequently performed at the Cuckoo's Nest next door at 1714 and there were numerous clashes between the punkers at cowboys in the 1970's and early 1980's.
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