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Things start out interesting enough for this one. A so-so 70's pop/rock tune plays over the opening credits of some welcoming imagery of a Drive-In theater preparing itself for the usual movie-going festivities. Expectations are immediately met when we get our first introduction to an ill-fated Drive-In couple who fall prey to the sword-swinging, Drive-In slasher. The gags include a decent decapitation and a blade-through-the-neck. Not a bad set-up at all. What follows next is the routine scenario of two police detectives, (Bruce Kimball & Steve Vincent) interrogating Drive-In manager, Austin Johnson (Newton Naushaus) and the quirky janitor, "Germy" (Douglas Gudbye) about the murders. But whatever hope you had for this movie is suddenly washed down the drain because the movie soon suffers from broken-record syndrome. Meaning that all that occurs for the next 35-minutes is the same thing happening over and over again: A couple goes to the Drive-In. They get killed. The cops question suspects. And on and on.


It's not that this redundant structure that makes Drive-In Massacre excrutiating to watch, but how it was all filmed---On an extremely dull level. Which is sad to say because some of the participants who were involved were recognizable fixtures on the exploitation scene such as Bruce Kimball, George "Buck" Flower, and John Tull. Buck, himself, even appears in one of the most longest, pointless, and random scenes you'll ever witness not just in a slasher flick, but any type of movie, for that matter. Be prepared to unleash yawns by the dozen if you happen to be willing to watch Drive-In Massacre.

Reviewed by Laydback

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