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  • Count Dracula rises once again but this time he can't enter his castle. The Monsignor had blocked the door with a huge Golden Cross. Dracula doesn't like it so he goes on a journey to find the Monsignor. He turns the Monsignor's niece into one of his vampire brides so that he can re-enter his good old castle. The movie starts off very good. But then it goes to usual Hammer storytelling. After 40 minutes I asked myself should I fast forward to the end? But I didn't. Only the beautiful Veronica Carlson made me look further. The end was also pretty cool. Dracula with the Golden Cross in his chest. Favorite Scenes: 1) The woman hanging outta the church bell with a bloody bite mark on her throat. 2) Monsignor and the Priest walking through the woods. 3) The Monsignor carrying a Golden Cross on his back (which must weigh as much as a car). 4) The Priest behind him getting health problems from the long walk. The Monsignors still in shape. --GBS
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