Dr. Orloff's Monster

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Dr. Orloff's Monster (1964, Spain/Austria/France) is a Horror film directed by Jess Franco


Main Details

  • Released in 1964
  • B & W
  • Running Time: 90 Min
  • Production Co: Eurocineac | Leo Films
  • Distribution Co: CCB (1964) (Belgium) (theatrical) | Indipendenti Regionali (1965) (Italy) (theatrical) | Inter Ecran (1966) (France) (theatrical) | Nueva Films S.A. (1964) (Spain) (theatrical)
  • Directed by Jesús Franco (as Jess Franck)
  • Written by Jesús Franco, Nicole Guettard (as David Coll), A. Norévo (adaptation)
  • Starring Hugo Blanco, Agnès Spaak, Perla Cristal, Magda Maldonado, Marcelo Arroita-Jáuregui, Pepe Rubio

Plot Summary

  • A mad scientist creates a hideous monster to carry out his murderous plans.

Also Known As

  • (original title) El secreto del Dr. Orloff | Brides of Dr. Jekyll | El secreto del doctor Orloff | Les maîtresses du Dr. Jekyll | Austria - Die Geliebten des Dr. Jekyll | Austria (DVD title) Die lebenden Leichen des Doktor Jekyll | Belgium (Flemish title) De dochter van dokter Jekyll | Finland - Tri Jekyll ja raisut rakastajattaret | France - Les maîtresses du Docteur Jekyll | UK - Dr. Jekyll's Mistresses | Italy - Le amanti del dr. Jekyll | USA (alternative title) Dr. Orloff's Monster | The Mistresses of Dr. Jekyll | The Secret of Dr. Orloff
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