Dolls of the Shogun's Harem/Alternate Cuts

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Japanese Cut (115 min) vs International Cut (98 min). SPOILERS

Missing the Toei logo and short piece of music from the beginning.

The scene introducing the main characters and some of the harem’s customs has been deleted.

The great outdoor festival scene is missing in its entirety. A real shame, as it also features a great song.

Osumi’s escape scene has been shortened. We no longer see how she got out from the castle.

The dialogue scene between Yoshino and the shogun looses approx 70 seconds of footage.

Missing a short scene of Genshiro returning home after work.

Missing a scene showing that Onatsu has gained a new position under the new shogun.

Dialogue scene between Genshiro and Osumi just before the final scenes has been removed. This leads to severe continuety problems. The first few seconds of the next scene (at the beach) are also missing.

The final insult: they’ve deleted the final scene taking place at the beach. This is beautiful scene with a great song. Not to mention there’s a plot twist.
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