Dog Eat Dog

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Dog Eat Dog (1964, Germany) is a Crime film directed by Gustav Gavrin.


Main Details

  • Released in 1964 | Black and White
  • Running Time: 86 Min.
  • Directed by Ray Nazzaro, Richard Cunha & Gustav Gavrin
  • Written by Robert Bloomfield, Michael Elkins, Robert Hill
  • Starring Jayne Mansfield, Cameron Mitchell, Ivor Salter, Isa Miranda, Werner Peters, Aldo Camarda & Dody Heath
  • Produced by Carl Szokoll


Three robbers, Lylle Corbett (Mitchell), Dolph Kostis (Salter), and Darlene (Mansfield), steal one-million dollars from a shipment on its way to the United States. But, instead of sharing the dough with Lylle, Dolph, decides to kill him, without Darlene (who likes them both), knowing it. When returning to Darlene (his wife), at the Hotel Americano's, Dolph, informs her that Lylle is out of the picture and that she should forget about him. Before Dolph had returned, Darlene, had been visited by the hotel's manager Livio Morelli (Braun), who was there to request her to turn down the volume on her radio. Livio sees a one-thousand dollar bill under the edge of the bed, and quickly knows that they are the robbers; that he had recently heard about on the radio; and that they call themselves "Mr. and Mrs. Smithopolis". As a break away, to not getting caught, Dolph and Darlene, make a get-a-way on a rental boat. However, they unaware that the owner of the hotel's inoccent-looking sister, Sandra (Heath), is in the back of the boat and has planted a bomb, to kill the pair, and take off with the million for she and her brother...Lylle, who is supposed to be dead, is also in the boat; who later holds them hostage. (Wikipedia)

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