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  • Despite the title, this entry in Chang Cheh’s Shaolin series has little to do with the actual Shaolin. Instead it’s a rags to riches tale of a naive young man (Alexander Fu Sheng) who follows his brother (Chi Kuan-Chi) to town and finds his kung fu skills can earn him more name than any normal work. Disciples of Shaolin is not as action packed as some of Cheh’s films. The story and character’s are given as much focus as the action. Early on the film feels like it could move at faster pace, but later the build up pays off. Acting is not too bad, even if the film still wouldn’t entirely convince as a drama feature. The soundtrack, although not very memorable as a whole, has its moments. The film was also one of the last collaborations between Chang Cheh and Liu Chia Liang. Liang’s action choreography is typically enjoyable with Fu Sheng in top form. The film’s most memorable – and brutal – fight scene is seen through sepia colour filters. --HungFist
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