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Diamonds (1975, USA/Israel) is a Crime film directed by Menahem Golan, Arik Dichner


Main Details

  • Released in 1975
  • Color
  • Production Co: AmeriEuro Pictures Corp/Euramat Films Ltd.
  • Distribution Co: AVCO Embassy Pictures (1975) (USA) (theatrical)/Fox-Rank (1976) (UK) (theatrical)/Film AB Corona (1976) (Sweden) (theatrical)/Herald Film Company (1978) (Japan) (theatrical)/Rivus (Portugal) (theatrical)/Tuschinski Film Distribution (1976) (Netherlands) (theatrical)
  • Directed by Menahem Golan, Arik Dichner
  • Produced by Yoram Globus, Menahem Golan
  • Written by Menahem Golan, David Paulsen
  • Starring Robert Shaw, Richard Roundtree, Barbara Hershey, Shelley Winters
  • Music by Roy Budd
  • Cinematography Adam Greenberg
  • Edited by Dov Hoenig


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