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  • Something evil and mean is on the rise out in the sea. Boats get torn apart and the first victim is a young girl. The teeth marks on the body don't lead to a known animal. So Dr. Stella Dickens (Valentine Monnier) thinks it's an ancient species from way back in history. But she doesn't know this creature was actually made genetically and the company she works for created it! Lamberto Bava (son of Mario Bava) directed this Italian / French Co-Production under the alias "John Old Jr". It's another Jaws rip off (and not a good one). The monster looks like a cross between a whale and a giant squid but first you think it's really a Jaw. If you want to experience a thrilling atmosphere then this film would be nothing for you. The special effects look cheap, which obviously must've been a problem because of the low budget. I do like low budget special effects but this one didn' t please me. Altogether, Devil Fish is a film you can watch on a Sunday afternoon when you've got nothing else to do. So check your TV Guide from time to time... maybe this movie will be playing next Sunday. -- GBS
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