Deucember: Films Watched

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djangokill one shockingmoment aenigma hospital massacre heroin busters the prey vigilante force enter the ninja wardevils swinging cheerleaders spider baby the babysitter nailgun massacre the sadist parasite brain damage wham bam thank you spaceman choppingmall eurocrime phenomena thechildren the psychopath 73 death stalker wild guitar dont open til xmas thingw twoheads piranha pick up brotherhood ofdeath pink flamingos freaks to all a goodnight escape from the bronx angels die hard the losers defiance invasion of bee girls forbiddenworld naughty stewardesses selfdefense/siege massage parlormurders mini skirt mob stagefright hollywood chainsaw hookers trouble man the thirsty dead nighttrain murders the psychic theburning ebony ivory jade the baron super ninjas snake in eagles shadow death kick cycle savages sheba baby mad youth fire and ice death knocks twice wizardof gore superdude hollywood hillside strangler gods bloody acre the prowler my bloodyvalentine beyond thedoor gwendoline angel slaughter hotel the arena tenement from coreleone to brooklyn blade in the dark slumber party massacre polyester cutthroats nine videodrome moonshiners woman flaviathe heretic prom night death wish 3 schizoid 1980 keoma legacy of satan 10 to midnight moon in scorpio theevil unholy rollers jdsrevenge heavy traffic vigilante scanners rabid the unseen all thesins ofsodom black fist the baby the incubus alabamas ghost schlock kentuckyfried movie terrortrain newyears evil theboogyman velvetsmooth ghostkeeper almosthuman nightmare beach chopperchicks fearless fighters born invincible keepmy graver open blood forasilverdollar no room to die bakkaku rokku madness carnage themummy wayof black dragon violated french quarter psychotronic man

little miss innocence deadly sweet lola colt offerings le orme lightningkung fu night has 1000 desires if footmen tire you frankenhooker uncle toms cabin

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