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  • Alien invaders want to destroy the earth, but the gargantuan killer turtle known as Gamera is ready to strike back at them! Meanwhile, Jim (Carl Craig) and Masao (Toru Takatsuka) are boyscouts making jokes, which the scoutmaster doesn't like. A second spaceship arrives and they try to find Gamera's weak point. First they take both boys as hostages and then attach a mind control device to Gamera. The kids manage to escape and free Gamera from the mind control device (The aliens planned to destroy the whole world). All aliens that looked human combined their bodies to form Viras. End result: Gamera Vs. Viras. Destroy All Planets is a pretty cool flick. If you're married with children, it's a great one to watch with your kids. 'Nuff said. -- GBS
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