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  • When a devoted son, Ezra Cobb (played to the hilt by Roberts Blossom) loses his beloved mother, he exhumes her corpse and continues their life as it was before. Except now, he has to grave-rob and murder in order to replace the rotting flesh on his mother’s body. Closely based on the life of serial killer/necrophiliac Ed Gein, Deranged effectively depicts the mind of a man who can’t survive in normal society, instead living in a fantasy world dictated by the needs of his dead mother. Although it does have a few slow moments in its mid-section and an odd form of narration, this influential flick pre-dated The Texas Chainsaw Massacre by six months and features one scene in particular that is so disturbing that I had trouble sleeping. I won’t hint at the details of this macabre moment, but let’s just say that it’s further proof of Rob Zombie’s plagiaristic tendencies. --Mdeapo 21:26, 7 August 2008 (UTC)
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