Der Ostfriesen Report

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Der Ostfriesen Report (1973, Germany) is a Sex-Comedy film directed by Walter Boos.

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Main Details

  • Released in 1973
  • Color
  • Running Time: 80 Min
  • Directed by Walter Boos
  • Written by Fred Denger
  • Starring: Gerd Arnau, Bert Block, Alexandra Bogojevic, Isa Brandt, Elke Deuringer
  • Produced by Cinema 77
  • Music by Max Hieber, Konstantin Wecker
  • Cinematography by Ernst W. Kalinke

Also Known As

  • O mei, haben die Ostfriesen Riesen
  • Swedish Playgirls


The East Frisian Report (German:Der Ostfriesen-Report: O mei, haben die Ostfriesen Riesen) is a 1973 German sex comedy and road film directed by Walter Boos. Despite its title, Der Ostfriesen-Report is not a sex report film but a Bavarian sex comedy film bringing in elements from East Frisian jokes. Shot mainly in and around Neßmersiel, the film brings two popular German regional stereotypes (Bavarians vs. East Frisians) together. The film was sometimes known as Swedish Playgirls, despite the fact it is set in Germany rather than Sweden. It was followed by a loose sequel Revenge of the East Frisians in 1974. A Munich night club owned by East Frisian Ossi Jansen (Joachim Hackethal) is in decline. He commissions two hardheaded Bavarians, night club director Alois Mooser (Josef Moosholzer) and his raunchy wife Lisa (Margot Mahler) to travel to East Frisia and recruit fresh girls.

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