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Curious, heavy on atmospheric music and underground excavation, Demonoid is one part The Hand and one part The Exorcist: a low budget, slow-burn 42nd Street entertainment.

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Jennifer (Samantha Eggar) and her husband Mark (Roy Jensen) are explorers: a wealthy couple on the lookout for new ways to expand on their already substantial income. A trip to Mexico allows them to enter an abandoned 300-year old mine and discover an iron tin—that once contained a cursed severed hand. Locals say it was the hand of the devil and their disruption of the spirit’s final resting place will have lasting repercussions. It does! Can a man of the cloth, Father Cunningham (Stuart Whitman) help?

Sometimes meandering and filled out with a couple of car chases, Demonoid delivers when it gets to the meat of the story: literally—a moving, jumping, always showing up severed hand! Watch out: it can caress you, grab you, or strangle you to death.

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Mexican Director Alfredo Zacarias is clearly determined to crack the American movie market, and this derivative but spirited story supplies all the necessary bells and whistles. An on-screen amputation, a missing corpse, a trip to the Sands in Las Vegas (with Wayne Newton headlining!), and the specter of an inescapable ancient curse linger largely—and throughout.

Who knew a severed body part could be so insistent? Props to the “superstitious” straight-faced locals who flee amidst the desecration of hallowed land!


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