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John Haloran (Peter Read) and his beautiful wife Louise (Luana Anders) go out row boating in the middle of the night. John always tells her that without him she won't get a piece of the cake. After some rowing and arguing further he gets a heart attack and dies. Louise throws his dead body into the river and rows back. From then on she covers his death (with a letter) and visits her mother in law and her sons in the castle. She notices strange things there. The mother (Eithne Dunne) holds a ceremony for her dead daughter Kathleen. Billy (Bart Patton) and Richard (William Campbell) have taken part in it for 7 years. The mother has collapsed every year and Louise thinks she can mess with her and tells her something about Kathleen. A mysterious killer shows up and kills Louise with an axe. The family doctor Justin Caleb (Patrick Magee) arrives and is concerned. He tries to figure out what's going on. Meanwhile, the killer kills again. Justin investigates further and...enough said, see what happens for yourself! Dementia 13 is a pretty good movie. It was Francis Ford Coppola' s debut. Roger Corman was the producer. Corman actually wasn't pleased with the end result. He wanted the movie to be longer and more brutal. Nevertheless the ending is still cool. The underwater scene with the half naked woman was great (I can't stand those old women underwear!) and also the scene where the head gets cut off with an axe! Watch it! - GBS


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