Deliver Us From Evil

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Deliver Us From Evil (1977, USA) is a Blaxploitation film directed by Horace Jackson.


Main Details

  • Released in 1977
  • Color
  • Distribution Co: 21st Century Film Corporation (1981-) (worldwide) (all media) | Dimension Pictures
  • Directed by Horace Jackson
  • Written by Horace Jackson
  • Starring Marie O'Henry, Renny Roker, Candi Keath, Cal Haynes, Mike Sims, Juanita Moore
  • Produced by Clarence Avant, Jeff Bushelman, Wendell Franklin, Horace Jackson, Lawrence Woolner
  • Cinematography by Alfred Taylor
  • Film Editing by Jeff Bushelman

Also Known As

  • Joey


  • Our streets... nightmares! Our neighborhoods... execution chambers! Look what we're doing to ourselves!
  • The street gangs and drug pushers are turning our homes into execution chambers. for god's sake won't someone........Deliver Us From Evil


Blaxploitation film which focuses on rebel Chris Townes. Drifting from one menial job to another, where he finds resentment and eventually arrest, he finaly loses his apartment and leaves in a rage. Chris meets Mindy and saves her from the hands of a violent gang. To thank him she introduces him to a happier way of life. Then suddenly, this new world is shattered by the most horrific event in Chris's turbulent life which leads to a conclusion in which Chris must face his deepest fears. (Amazon)

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