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  • Filmed in only 6 days.
  • The highest grossing film ever to be made in the state of Florida (as of mid-1999).
  • Possibly the most culturally influential porn film ever made. It provided the code name of the mysterious Watergate whistleblower. It also moved pornography from the underground into the mainstream, a position the genre has enjoyed for 30 years. Lovelace later became an anti-porn crusader and claimed that she was forced at gunpoint to perform in this movie. This claim has never been proven. One of the first hardcore sex films to be shown in mainstream movie theaters. It is the subject of the documentary film, Inside Deep Throat (2005).
  • On 14 September 2000 the British Board of Film Classification authorized for the first time the uncut release of this film, as part of a policy change to censor adult films less and children's films more.
  • Budget for production cost: $22,000.
  • Reported to have grossed $600 million, as of 2002.
  • The most successful film of all time in terms of the budget to box office returns ratio. Estimates vary but it's approximately 25,000 to 1. In comparison, Titanic (1997) has a ratio of less than 10 to 1.
  • The profits from this film were used to set up a production company to finance more "mainstream" films. One of those productions: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974).
  • According to one of the books by Linda Lovelace, director Gerard Damiano originally signed a deal that entitled him to collect about one third of the profits this film generated. He was "convinced" to sell his percentage for about $100,000 because his backers were reportedly members of an underworld crime family.
  • For some reason, the film contains a number of references to the James Bond film series. The James Bond theme song can be briefly heard in the soundtrack. Dr Young, at one instance, refers to himself as "case 007". And (Terence) Young is also the name of the director of most James Bond movies up to when Deep Throat was made.
  • This was picked as one of 100 landmark films of all time in the new "Radio Times Guide to Films 2007", compiled by the magazine's film reviewers and staff. Radio Times' film editor Andrew Collins justified the choice by stating that the list is not about cinematic quality, but about the influence a film had on society. "'Deep Throat' is not necessarily recommended for everyone," Collins said, "It's a quite badly made film, but to deny its influence would be pure snobbery."
  • On the 23rd of February 2008, Dutch public television aired the complete and uncut movie. It was the first time that hardcore porn was shown on public television in the Netherlands.
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