Debbie Does Dallas

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Debbie Does Dallas (1978, USA) is an adult Sexploitation film directed by Jim Clark.


Main Details

  • Released in 1978
  • Color
  • Production Co: School Day Films
  • Distribution Co: VCX
  • Directed by Jim Clark
  • Written by Maria Minestra
  • Starring Bambi Woods, Robert Kerman, Christie Ford, Robin Byrd, and Eric Edwards
  • Produced by Jim Clark
  • Original Music by Gerald Sampler
  • Cinematography by Billy Budd
  • Film Editing by Hals Liptus

Also Known As

  • Aventura muy caliente, Una (Spain)
  • Giochi maliziosi (Italy)
  • Games People Play, The
  • Vizi proibiti a Dallas (Italy)


  • Every one on the team scores when her pom-poms fly!
  • You'll do more than cheer for this X Dallas cheerleader!
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