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Ex-NYC vigilante Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson) is now living in sunny Los Angeles. He's still working as an architect, but has given up on being a crime fighter. One day, Paul, his new girlfriend Geri (Jill Ireland) and his daughter, Carol (Robin Sherwood), go out to a fair. While Paul is getting out his wallet to pay for some ice cream, a group of street punks begin taunting him (does Kersey ever get a break?). They run by, grab his wallet and take off. Paul chases after one of the punks and beats him up but doesn't get his wallet back.

The punks are angry at Paul's reaction (hey, who wouldn't be?) and decide to get revenge by breaking into his house. Unfortunately, his maid Rosario is the only one home. When the punks break in, Rosario tries to run but they end up raping and killing her. Later that day, Paul and Carol arrive home unaware of what's waiting. The punks confront Paul, who does his best to fight them off, but they knock him out and kidnap Carol. When Geri shows up later that night, Paul wakes up, hears the doorbell and stumbles to open it. Geri then sees Rosario's dead naked body and she gets physically ill.


Meanwhile, the punks have Carol at their hideout (an old warehouse) and they take turns raping her. When the punks aren't looking, Carol gets up and bolts, but she's not running for the door. She commits suicide by jumping out a window. After Paul finds out about Carol's violent death, he gets his gun and goes right back to being a vigilante. When NYC detective Lt. Frank Ochoa (Vincent Gardenia) hears about the latest vigilante killings in LA, he automatically suspects Kersey. He flies out and begins watching Kersey's every move.

While Death Wish 2 doesn't really add any new depth to the original vigilante plot, it's still a very easy, entertaining film to watch. I think most people love these kinds of movies where victims fight back. Even if you don't like violence, you get pulled into the story very quickly and before you know it, you want to see Kersey get payback.

Revenge movies are some of my favorite kinds of films and this is one of the classics!


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