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  • This second entry in the Death Wish Series is particularly notable due to some controversy surrounding its release. Director Michael Winner was forced to excise footage from a key rape sequence (where Kersey's maid is assaulted by five trespassers) due to the frankness and cruelty exhibited on screen. This footage has never been made commercially available in the US or UK and has only been officially included in the Greek release of the feature. Although much dialogue and character development is also added to the 95 minute Greek version, the rape scene is much longer and more explicit, featuring full-frontal nudity, much simulated thrusting and an overall grimmer tone. Kersey's daughter's death is also much more brutal, with more footage of her body shown as she gets impaled on the steel rails of a fence. Those interested in viewing a composite edition of the feature, boasting the additional footage in the rape and death scenes, but excluding the extraneous sequences of the Greek version, can see it here: Death Wish 2 Uncut --Mdeapo 21:45, 11 January 2009 (UTC)
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